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Historic Family Records



Are you searching for details of relatives that were baptised, or married at St Mark's? Do you want another copy of a baptism certificate or marriage certificate?

We don't have a graveyard at St Mark's - funerals which take place at this church are in most cases followed by either burial or cremation at Dukinfield Crematoria and Cemetery. Please see Tameside Metropolitan Council's website for contact details.

Please be aware that we only hold register books at church that are currently being used to record marriages, funerals and baptisms.

All older books are deposited at the Chester Diocesan Record Office. So if you are researching records of more than 30 years old, please contact Chester Diocesan Record Office.

Enquiries should be directed to:

The Diocesan Archivist
Chester Diocesan Record Office
Duke Street

 Tel: 01244 972574


email: recordoffice@cheshiresharedservices.gov.uk

For any recent records (less than 30 years), please contact the vicar, Rev Williams, There is normally a modest charge for copies of certificates .



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