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Lord's Lions Puppet Team


The name, Lord's Lions, reflects both the fact that everything we do for the church is for the service of Jesus - the Lord - and also remembers the Lion emblem of St Mark's, patron saint of this church.


The Lord's Lions puppets appear regularly at Baptism services, Messy Church and special events.


With 11 people puppets and 10 animal puppets, the team have made presentations every Baptism Sunday and Messy Church throughout last year. In addition, they made presentations at the Mother's Union Tea Party in June and also at the Summer Fair which suffered from a deluge of rain half way through. However, we were impressed with the tenacity of the vicar who was narrating hidden from our view in front of the screen. Half way through the Bible story, she continued on until the end even though we were all soaked. Bravo,we all thought, until Alison appeared around the screen dry as a bone with an umbrella! Don't miss this year's summer fair for pay back time!


After doing just songs for 12 months, depicting Bible stories for Messy Church was a natural step up and later in the year you may have noticed that the puppets now do choreography X-Factor style, well, almost! The team currently consists of 4 male and 3 female regular members plus 3 females who help out occasionally.

Probably the most notable occasion was when the church was packed with Guides, Brownies and parents for their Christmas service. The atmosphere was electric and the Brownies were ecstatic with the puppet's presentation. This made all our hard work worthwhile and we pray that our continuing presentations will help to reach out and encourage more people to return to experience more of God's love in this place.



The team supports special services aimed at children and families and special events such as the Summer Fair and Christmas Tree Festival. If you want to join the team, they practise on Tuesday nights in church.



Please contact the Revd Alison Cox Tel: 0161 330 2783

The Puppets performing in Church







The Puppets performing at the Summer Fair