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Messy Church sessions 2009 - 2015


 We no longer run Messy Church here at St Mark's; here are pictures of sessions from the past.

On 15 February 2015, the theme was 'The Magna Carta'.



On arrival, the parents/carers and children will all be given name badges so we all know each other by name.

We begin with a welcome activity, normally some form of colouring in: this will then be put on our welcome board for the children to see.



There are lots of different arts and craft activities for the children and parents/carers to take part in and express themselves. 


Once the craft session has ended, the Revd Alison Cox will lead us into church where we have fun stories, songs and live music, all of which the children can take part in.



On 16 June 2013, the theme was 'Holy Communion'.






The group had a barbecue in the Vicarage front garden on 20 July 2014, when the theme was "Community"






  Below are some of our Messy Church helpers who help with crafts and give inspiration:





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